The Dream


The Dream

Fund a Brighter Future’s inaugural project was raising funds to send juniors Ashley Harvell and Takeva Hicks to the Summer Pre-College Program at Emory University.

In 2010, Stacy Filocco of the Mississippi Teacher Corps asked her students Takeva Hicks and Ashley Harvell what they were doing this summer and their response was “same as last summer. Nothing.” But Stacy simply couldn’t accept that two bright, talented young women would let a summer fall by the waysides. She knew that a pre-college program would do Takeva and Ashley a world of good. Not only would it provide two weeks of college education, it would potentially instill in them a life-long love of learning.

After much discussion with the students it was determined that Emory best fit their criteria. The university would provide a liberal arts experience allowing the girls to explore several disciplines at once. Nervous about spending an extended period of time in a big city, Ashley and Takeva decided that a southern city such as Atlanta would make for an easier transition while they are on their own for the first time.

The program ran from June 28th through July 9th during which the girls took the class Psychology of Creativity with Emory Professor Marshall Duke. The class allowed the girls to interact in an academic setting with other academically motivated students and pushed their perceptions regarding what is possible.

Emory’s beautiful campus provided the backdrop for Ashley and Takeva to further explore the opportunities provided by the college setting and excited them about the college experience. With the success of the 2010 program, two more students, Alexia Mazique and Nastarcia Owens, attended the program in 2011.

More on the girls’ motivation for attending the program can be found by clicking on their personal statements on the “Dream” dropdown menu and the Youtube video above!

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