Alexia Mazique ’11


My name is Alexia Taylor Mazique, I am seventeen and a junior at Byhalia High School. I am not originally from here. I was born in Greenville but raised in Natchez, Greenville, Olive Brach, Mississippi and Memphis, Tennessee. I came to Byhalia in my second semester of my eighth grade year. Byhalia is a very vacant place that does not really give children the opportunity to explore or the chance to enhance themselves.

Therefore, I try to occupy myself with different challenging activities. I am in the band, the Beta Club, and I have just entered the Leadership Convention. I try to join things that will keep my mind working so I can become a better individual. I want to take this course because it could help prepare me for the real world.

I believe that by going this summer program, I will open my eyes to how the outside world really is compared to the enclosed country. It will show me how much dedication and hard work it will really take to go to college. Going to college is a necessity for me. Neither of my parents finished therefore by me going to college I am insuring that I will have a better my life.

I feel that since I am the older sibling I should choose a brighter pathway so they will follow my lead. Also with a great education I can help them by getting a great job, therefore financially my family will be more stable. This program will also help my mind stay alert for when I go back to school to be a senior, the most valuable year in high school.

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