Aliah Riddle ’15


My name is Aliah Riddle. I am currently a junior at Byhalia High School. I am a member of several organizations such as, FCCLA and FFA, which has helped me to not only better myself, but also other people. The two organizations help students develop skills such as public speaking and allows them to meet and interact with other people. Both organizations are a preparation to my future plan of becoming a business attorney.

Growing up, school was my main priority. I have always strived to do above and beyond my best. Throughout grade school, I have managed to be an Honor Roll student. I always payed attention in class and studied every night. I am very outgoing and do not mind helping others. Whenever I noticed one of my classmates struggling, I would reach out to them and help them the best I could. Helping others brings me so much joy.

I believe Emory’s College summer program will be a great preparation of the college lifestyle and experiences. Staying on campus, taking college courses, and experiencing the whole college lifestyle will be great. It Will give me the real feel of what to look forward to when I attend college after graduation. My future is based on the choices I make today. I want to achieve my goals and be the best I can. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be envolved/ apart of this program.

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