Alicia Buford ’15


My Name is Alicia Patrice Buford. I am a seventeen year old junior, who attends Byhalia High School. I am from Detroit Michigan but I moved to Byhalia Mississippi in the 6th grade. I currently live with my dad and aunt in Byhalia, but My mom lives in Detroit. I am the only child from both of my parents. I love being the only child, and I also love being around people.

School has been good for me throughout the years. I am very athletic. I have played basketball since 8th grade, been apart of the track team since 8th grade, and played volleyball since 10th grade. I am a junior ROTC cadet and I am a Member of Family Career Community Leaders of America(FCCLA). I have been in the Beta Club since 10th grade and I am currently the Beta Club’s Vice President. I was elected sophomore class treasurer and re-elected the junior class Vice President this year. I have been always been the type of person who never wanted to make anything below a B average. I push toward making good grades all the time because I love proving to myself that I can do anything no matter the difficulty, it makes me proud. I plan on attending college and majoring in business. My future/goals are important to me and I plan on making it an inspiration to others as I achieve it.

Emory’s Pre-College Program should be a great experience for me. I love making friends and I have no problem with learning new things. I believe this program will prepare me for what is expected in college. I’m going to be graduating soon and I have been thinking about how different college will be from High school. I know it’s going to be a challenge, and this program should give me an early insight on how things will go before I’m on my own.

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