Aryel Foster ’13


My name is Aryel Diane Foster. I am a seventeen year old junior at Byhalia High School, in Byhalia, Mississippi. I have been living in Byhalia for five years. Before moving to Byhalia, I attended the rival, Holly Springs High School. Although I have attended two different schools, I was born in neither city. I was born in Aurora, Illinois; therefore adapting to change is no surprise to me.

Living in Byhalia is pretty difficult because the town is very small, meaning there are not many jobs opportunities and businesses around to help us, students, to expand our learning opportunities. The school shows much interest in our education, but like me, some students need a little more than interest. We need inspiration.

Being able to see my mother struggle, I strive to stay active, creative, and set goals. I enjoy participating in many extracurricular activities. I am a member of The National Beta Club, I play volleyball and softball. I am also a former member of the high school band and Family Community Career Leaders of American (FCCLA). I served as the sophomore class president my tenth grade year, which shows I posses good leadership skills and I don’t mind stepping out and trying new things.

This would be a great opportunity for me because I love to travel and experience new things. I would enjoy discovering how other students learn outside of my normal circle. I would love to be around a more diverse group of people and learn about the different lifestyles and different learning techniques. Being apple to see things outside of my regular lifestyle would be a life changing experience and one I would never forget. Being giving the opportunity, I will seriously take full advantage of it and truly seek benefits and greater opportunities from it.

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