Ashley Harvell ’10


I am seventeen and a junior at Byhalia High School in Byhalia, Mississippi.  I am from Byhalia. My family and I have been living here for five years. Byhalia is a very rural town that that has lots of farms and industrial factories. We don’t have any of the popular superstores like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, or even a McDonald’s. The positive thing about Byhalia is that I have lots of family here and it is very peaceful. Byhalia isn’t really the land of opportunities so I have to inspire myself to find them in the world.  I believe that being involved in many activities is important because they keep me busy and active.

I am a very ambitious and hardworking young lady that makes sure I do everything in school that will affect my future positively.  I am involved in several extracurricular activities including representing my school in volleyball and dance. I am also the treasurer of my junior class and I am a member of the Beta Club. These activities are important to me because, besides keeping me busy and active, these activities help me with speaking to other people and getting to know different people.

I want to go to college to prepare myself for the real world.  College will help me decide what I am most interested in and how to be successful in the future.  Both of my parents went to college and they always stress to me how important it is. I take their opinion very seriously because they have seen a lot. The pre-college program will help me with my social skills like meeting new people. It will also keep my mind working during the summer when I am not attending school everyday. Finally, it will teach me new things that I did not know before.

Education is very important to me because it is the key to success. Without an education you will struggle to get a job that you will enjoy. Education helps you go into the real world confident in what you want in life. Education is also important to me so that when I become successful, I can be a role model to my little brother and the younger generation.

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