Clydia Wells ’14


2-2014My name is Clydia Capri Wells, and I have lived in Byhalia, Mississippi my entire life. I was elected as sophomore class president and reelected this year as junior class president. Both elections were honors knowing that my peers trusted and thought of me to lead and represent them. In addition, I am the Beta Club’s Vice President and a member of the Family Career Community Leaders of America.

School has always been a priority even when I was younger. In fact, I cried when I did not earn a 100 on a spelling test in elementary school. I was not expected to prosper in school since I did not attend preschool; however, with my mom’s help I have been successful so far. My parents have always pushed me to receive a better education than they had. Neither of them attended college, and I want to make them proud as well as my community, by earning my degree. I hope to one day be an inspiration to someone or even a multitude of people. With that being said, college is not an option, but rather a must.

Emory University’s Pre-college program will give me insight on the ins and outs of college. Graduation is approaching, and I want to know exactly what to expect in college. The program will take me from my comfort zone and allow me to experience college life for what it really is. My future is very important to me, so I want to make sure I take advantage of every opportunity that will help me reach my goals. The pre-college program is what I have been waiting for, a chance to actually live as a college student before crossing over from high school into the real world.

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