Jeshaela Tunstall ’12


My name is Jeshaela Tunstall and I am 16 years old. I am a junior at Byhalia High School. I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and mostly raised in Southaven, Mississippi. I moved to Byhalia in 2009, entering as a freshmen. Byhalia is a small, rural town that has numerous farms and small businesses. I have many opportunities and I know that I must step outside these boundries to reach them.

Besides being a great student, I am involved in a few activities. I am a member of the school band and a member of the Beta Club. I enjoy participating in the activities because they are fun and keeps me intrigued. These activities helped me to expand socially and meet new people. I always strive to doing my best at everything I do.

Eduacation is very important to me. I believe that it is the key to success. Neither of my parents attended college. Therefore, I feel that it is my duty to go to college. I push myself further because I know that education is very important and I can be successful. My education has no limits and I will succeed.

This program is a wonderful opportunity for me. It gives me the chance to experience a general idea of what college will be like. I think that it will make me a better student and a better person. This program will equip me with qualities that I will continue to use throughout my life. I believe that I will become a role model for the younger generation by showing them that they can make a difference and that they can acheive anything if they set their minds to it.

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