Markelia Moore ’14


1-2014My name is Markelia Moore and I am a junior who attends Byhalia High School. I am a member of the volleyball team and I am a former member of the track team. This past season I was chosen to be captain of the volleyball team; I showed how I could be a leader and help bring others to the top. I am a very optimistic individual and I do not like to see those around me fail. If I am on my way to the top I am going to make sure you come with me.

Education is very important to me. I strive to be a better person each and every day. I want to be one of the top students of my class. If I am having one of those days where I feel like giving up I have friends who tell me, “You’re smart Markelia. You can do it; it just takes time!” I listen to my friends’ encouraging words and let the words uplift me. I continue to strive for excellence.

My success driven demeanor comes from watching my sister and my aunt in school. They were part of the crowd who failed to pass their state tests. I want to show them that I can make something of myself, and I can be in the top of my class. I am already ahead of them by partaking in accelerated courses. They are pessimists almost all the time and do not believe that I can be successful. Yes, I get mad because they are downing me, but I do not show them my anger. I just work harder to prove them wrong by being a successful student.

Being selected to participate in this college program is an honor. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be selected to participate. I am a great candidate for my class. I am a hardworking and dedicated student. I do not think my education is a joke. I take it very seriously. I want to be successful in life and I will be. The key to being successful is education.

I will benefit from the pre-college program in many ways. I will get the chance to experience college life, and I can better prepare myself for the near future. I hope to have eye’s opened to what a college student’s life is really like. I know that after this life changing summer I will have the correct mindset when it is time for me to leave for college. I will definitely be prepared for where the college road will take me in life.

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