Nastarcia Owens ’11


I am a 16 year old junior that attends Byhalia High School of Byhalia, MS. It is a small town and it’s very rural, the only major store we have is Piggly Wiggly. I have been living here my whole life along with my mom, sister and niece and one good thing about Byhalia is because it’s not a big area a lot of people are close or everyone just about knows each other.

With Byhalia being such a small area we normally don’t get a lot of chances like this one. So I want to take every opportunity I can to help me pursue my dreams. Since where I live is a small area and is basically unknown, I want to take this chance to show everyone around me that anyone can make it no matter what environment they may come from.

In addition, this opportunity will give me experience for when I actually attend college and show me how it may feel to attend school away from home. The class that I have asked for will also give me a feel on what my major will consist of when I start class for pre-medicine.

Since there is not much to do around me I try to keep myself occupied so I will not get into things I shouldn’t be doing. I believe in the phrase that an idled mind is the devil’s workshop. I take part in my school’s beta club and a club for students that have made advanced scores on our high school SAT. Academics are a big part of my life but I also love to dance. So I am also a part of my school’s dance and majorette team as well. Furthermore, I am a representative for my church youth group. Just like the activities I am a part of I want this program and college to be a part of my life.

In conclusion this program will be a stepping stone to college. It would answer all the questions that I have about college. With this program I know I will succeed with making good decisions at college.

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