Shameika Taylor ’12


My name is Shameika Taylor and I am a junior at Byhalia High School. I was born sixteen years ago in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Byhalia, Mississippi. I am the youngest of two children and I live with my family in Byhalia.

Being a junior in high school in the small town of Byhalia, MS is very challenging. Our extracurricular activities are limited and clubs and organizations that are found in other nearby high schools are not available at Byhalia High School. I am an active member of the Byhalia High School Dance and Volleyball team. I am also a member of the Family Community Career Leaders of America (FCCLA), and The National Beta Club society. I served as the sophomore class president and was elected again in 2011 as the junior class president. Being a part of all the activities is a way to keep me active and positive about helping others.

I consider myself very ambitious and hardworking. I will do what it takes to reach above standard expectations because I know that it will affect my future in a positive way. I want to go to college because I know I will grow into more of an independent, intelligent, and responsible young lady. Because Byhalia is such a small town there are not many opportunities like this one. I feel this pre-college program will give me a preview of the real world and give me the chance to see what college life is really like. I do not know exactly what career I want to pursue in life, but this program will give me the experience to explore my options. In addition, it will give me something productive to do during the summer.

Education is the foundation of success, therefore it is very important to me. With an education I can strive to be anything I want to be in life. I believe education is a necessity and that it is something that can not be taken from you. I want to have a career that is fulfilling and that I enjoy doing. I know that without an education achieving that goal will be very difficult.

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